Destroy downtime.
Optimize your plant.

Continuous health monitoring for your industrial machinery.

Prevent Machine Failure

Catch Machine Failure

The most basic step and immediate return on your investment. Catch a machine failure more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible, with continuous machine monitoring and vibration sensors.

Establish Rock-Solid SOPs

Establish Rock-Solid SOPs

The majority of your machine operators run your equipment using tribal knowledge, not science-proven, data-driven best practices and machine condition monitoring and maintenance. It’s time to make a change.

Transform Your Plant

Increase Production Rates

The sad truth is that your machinery runs far less consistently than you think. Continuous, wireless health monitoring with machine vibration sensors smooths operations and squeezes more profits and products out of your machinery than you ever imagined.

America’s plant managers want a safe, predictable workplace free of downtime, but they often cannot meet production demands and profit goals, leading them to feel stuck in the past, with outdated equipment and a stubborn workforce. They know it’s not right that American manufacturers are losing to unexperienced, overseas, low-price sweat shops.

Plant managers like these are finding that, for every $1 they invest in KCF Technologies, they see a $10 return within the first year, in profitability and productivity. Once they begin monitoring their problem assets and applications to understand how to better eliminate downtime, they can expect to not only identify the root cause of their problems, but triple their investment in 90 days, or receive a complete refund.

Schedule your site visit today, and begin eliminating a huge amount of unplanned downtime, enjoying a safer working environment and burying the competition.

Suboptimal machines and unplanned downtime are destroying your profits.

Downtime is expensive, dangerous, and in today’s world of digital transformation, unnecessary.

Your plant is capable of so much more.

We know how much pressure you’re feeling to eliminate downtime and increase profits.

We’ve helped more than 200 multi-million and multi-billion dollar industrial sites:

How it works:

Malfunctioning machine without monitoring


Choose a machine or application to monitor using SmartDiagnostics wireless sensors and cloud-based analytics software.

Machine Monitoring Running Diagnostics


Work with our Sentry machine experts to see how well (or poorly) it’s running.

Smooth-Running machine being continuously monitored


Optimize your equipment.

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