SmartDiagnostics Version 3.8.0

Feature updates in version 3.8

We’ve improved Sentry tools to help them provide better service, including a beta-version of Auto-tracked run speed which calculates a running speed at each data point based on user input. The Events page now has export capability, to allow you to download a spreadsheet of tags/event content for up to a 1 month time frame.

SmartDiagnostics Version 3.7.6

Feature updates in 3.7.6

Damage Accumulation baseline will automatically recalculate after changing sensor sampling frequency, and also now requires an off threshold value (default is zero). Running speed now displays as an indicator in the trend for monitoring points with a speed applied, monitoring points have a running speed multiplier; Hardware Alerts (Low Battery list) shows full profile path, and a few back end performance improvements and other enhancements.