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SmartDiagnostics Version 3.7.4

3.04.2019 Snooze alarm notifications, Asset-level details for better asset monitoring, Extended temperature sensor support, ROI tracking via dashboard, Single-Sign On authentication available, Draggable filter sorting, improved DB performance for quicker data loading (ongoing) and tons of bug fixes.

SmartDiagnostics Version 3.7

Advanced Analytics is here! Speed your vibration analysis using harmonic cursors, embedded bearing database, or advanced time series analysis tools. Improved graphs and layout will provide better visualization and clarity.


Reveal and build out features to easily create system hardware and asset health reports

Hardware Monitoring

Improvements to make KCF hardware health easy to see and assess, including sensor battery status and connectivity and base station and repeater status and connectivity.

Watch list

Allow SmartDiagnostics to focus you on key problems at hand (notifications), prioritization and management, collaborative information sharing, and cataloging your machine health