Our Leadership Team

Jeremy Frank, President and Co-Founder

What makes KCF special… KCF exists to develop new technologies and advance them into commercial product form. Once we reach the proper stage of development, we form strategic partnerships to bring the product to market. We can commit to these long-term strategic partnerships in part because we are founder and employee-owned, without outside investors, and have a long-term business model rather than a 3-year exit plan. The long-term model also helps us attract and retain the most talented engineers and technology developers, the core source of our value.

Gary Koopmann, Senior Technologist and Co-Founder

Origins of KCF Technologies… We started KCF Technologies to do technology development differently. At the time I had been involved with research and development in the academic environment for more than 30 years, and had seen many useful technologies come and go. A recurring situation was that we would prove a concept and demonstrate feasibility, but more work was needed to bridge the gap to commercial viability and transition it to a customer or partner. Bridging that gap is what KCF is all about.

Jacob Loverich, Chief Technology Officer

The KCF method of technology development… Technical innovation is incubated through a fusion of exceptional design recognition and deep focused thought about the art of the possible. Applying innovation in product development requires cutting edge technical aptitude and experience. Developing and launching a successful innovative product with complexity and speed requires perseverance, diligence, and organization. The key to fostering a team's sense of purpose and value is through camaraderie and positive personal interaction.

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