In order to thrive in a challenging market, leaders in the oil and gas industry rely on KCF’s machine-health solution and constantly improving fault identification algorithm to reduce catastrophic failures, improve safety ratings, optimize critical asset performance, maximize production, and most importantly, keep their employees safe.

SMART Solutions


An oil and gas service company was experiencing high pressure pumping failures several times a week. This was leading to a high number of critical safety issues, and costly NPT. In order to address this problem, this company installed KCF Technologies’ sensors to monitor their iron vibration and their fluid flow.


Using KCF’s sensors, they identified pumps with higher than expected iron vibration, and adjusted operations to limit time spent on problematic assets. This allowed them to perform targeted maintenance on pumps with the highest vibration, and identify changes to their flow paths that reduced vibrations in all pumps. Since using KCF Technologies, this company has been able to reduce high pressure iron failures by over 50%.


  • Hydraulic Fracturing: Fluid Ends, Power Ends, & High Pressure Iron
  • Midstream/Downstream: Compressors, Cooling Fans, Piping, Pumps/Motors


“Besides the fact that they have a good product that is constantly improving, the thing that really sets KCF apart is their monitoring services and customer support. Unlike other companies, KCF doesn’t just sell a product and walk away. They work with you to monitor your machinery.”

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