In an industry where one machine failure can delay the entire process, smart timber manufacturers use KCF’s machine-health solution to decrease energy costs, optimize processes, decrease downtime, eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs, and satisfy the demands of their customers.

 SMART Solutions


When it comes to catching machine failures, quality control (QC) is often overlooked. Some customers have strict standards for quality, especially if poor quality will have downstream effects. In the timber industry, high quality construction materials are essential for safety and productivity. For example, if one piece of wood is not strong enough, a construction site could be a safety hazard. Or, if a piece of wood is not sized properly, the parts will not fit together and the project will be stalled. 

Quality control touches many different parts of the production process. Here are some examples of how poor quality can directly put customers at risk for profit loss. 

  • Cost of repairs
  • Cost of liabilities
  • Cost of new equipment


Understanding quality standards for products helps KCF meet specific customer needs and prevent lost profit down the road. KCF employees will work with you by asking the right questions to find out your standards for QC and history of challenges. The relationship we will build together will enable KCF to understand where they can provide the most value.

For example: In only three months time, KCF saved a timber customer $465,000 in prevented QC costs. Contact us to learn how we can help you!


  • Gang Saws
  • ID Fans
  • Hogs

“Besides the fact that they have a good product that is constantly improving, the thing that really sets KCF apart is their monitoring services and customer support. Unlike other companies, KCF doesn’t just sell a product and walk away. They work with you to monitor your machinery.”

Reliability Leader

“Product loss will not be eliminated with preventative maintenance. It can only be achieved by adopting a predictive approach and addressing issues before they result in catastrophic failure.”

Sentry Pharmaceutical Manager

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