As you embark on your journey at KCF Technologies, you’ll find that there is no shortage of problems to solve in the industrial world. In order to put smart solutions to work while on our mission to transform American industry, KCF embraces the need for meaningful learning and development every single day.

For us this means offering training programs that bring out the best in you. Our goal is to provide our people with the foundation and skills necessary to reach new heights and career milestones.

We empower you to succeed.

  • THE SCHOOL OF DBA (Doing Business Awesome!)

KCF employees have access to an internally-developed learning program with several different tracks (Business, Communication, Optimization, and Technology). The DBA is designed to supplement learning at KCF and put your critical-thinking skills to the test!


The Future Innovators Summer Internship Program is an immersive 10-week paid experience designed to empower student leaders and change-makers to push their problem-solving capabilities to the limit and challenge the status quo.


  • GRIT

“There is a passionate and enlivened culture where every person has a unique opportunity to contribute to the company’s growth. High expectations are placed on everyone which challenges each individual to step up and achieve something important. I entered the company with a wealth of experience in my field and yet found myself stretched from day one. There is also a robust health/fitness program in place to encourage healthy living. For anyone looking to grow, I highly recommend KCF Technologies.”


“KCF is growing quickly. Lots of challenges and problems to solve,  and the opportunities for growth are substantial. Product is catching on quickly in the industry, and the future looks promising. Great benefits – health insurance is fully covered by the company, including all co-pays and deductibles. Management appears to have best interests of employees at heart. A healthy work-life balance is respected.”


The atmosphere is very positive. Employees are treated well and have a lot of autonomy. Health benefits are phenomenal. Lots of flexibility in your work schedule. KCF is a modern company with forward-thinking management.”


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