Winner of SGICC Sponsored Environmental Health & Safety Award Announced at Shale Insight 2016 ConferenceKCF Technologies happily accepts the Annual Shale Gas Environmental, Health, & Safety (EH&S) Award

September 22, 2016

Pittsburgh, PA —

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 The Ben Franklin Shale Gas Innovation & Commercialization Center made public the winner of their 4th Annual Shale Gas Environmental, Health, & Safety (EH&S) Award today at the SHALE INSIGHT 2016™ Conference. The award was presented to KCF Technologies, located in State College, PA. The company’s sensor platform “gives machines a voice”, utilizing wireless vibration sensor diagnostics and transmitting data via the cloud to provide a system-level dashboard that reports equipment health, avoiding problems like unexpected failures of pumps, fans, and compressors. The low cost system is now being used extensively by several shale energy services companies to monitor their equipment during both drilling and fracturing operations.

 Bill Hall, the Executive Director of SGICC commented, “KCF Technologies is a great example of how innovative companies are identifying ways to support the shale energy industry. Their technology not only improves oilfield service companies’ bottom line, but equally as important improves their environmental, health and safety performance by eliminating the failure of equipment during the critical well completions process.

 Those in the industry know that during the completions process, equipment failures can not only be costly, but they can be dangerous, and in certain instances lead to spills. KCF’s solution allows operators to take equipment off line before the equipment failure can negatively impact the process.”

 Founded in 2000, KCF utilizes Penn State derived sensing and predictive analysis technology as the basis of their product line. Now the company is growing rapidly, providing their wireless condition monitoring sensor systems for defense and industrial markets based on ultrasound sensing technology. KCF has achieved successes in the pulp and paper, wastewater, and power generation industries, as well as the commercial and institutional building sectors. But most recently after identifying the need for low cost sensing and rapid response by the oilfield services sector, they’ve experienced rapid growth in this sector.

 Jeremy Frank, a KCF co-founder and company President noted, “We are honored to be recognized by the Ben Franklin SGICC with this award.  Our company is all about helping companies avoid unnecessary machine failures. The positive impact we deliver on safety and environmental impact is the most personally rewarding part of this work.  We are already expanding the reach of this technology to operators in Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota and more, and are grateful to the SGICC for helping to make this outreach possible.”

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Press release courtesy of Ben Franklin SGICC 

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