KCF Technologies Releases SmartDiagnostics® Base Station and RepeaterNew Base Station and Repeater hardware provide rugged plug-and-play receiver configurations

October 31, 2016

State College, PA —

KCF Technologies has released the SmartDiagnostics® Base Station and Repeater version 3.0 hardware.

Base Station Repeater 2png

The Base Station is the nerve center of any industrial SmartDiagnostics® installation, allowing effective predictive maintenance for industrial equipment.  Its purpose is to relay data from sensor nodes (or Repeaters) to the SmartDiagnostics® Machine Condition Monitoring Software (MCM).

The Repeater extends the effective range of a SmartDiagnostics® Base Station.  Multiple Repeaters can be located throughout a plant to act as a bridge between the Base Station and sensor nodes that are beyond the standard RF transmission range.

  • Provides simple, plug-and-play receiver location with minimal configuration or setup necessary.
  • Rugged construction (compared to previous Collection Server and Primary Receiver Node systems) makes hardware appropriate for all industries.
  • Repeater-to-Base Station range is three times the sensor node's range, effectively quadrupling the current hardware range.
  • Up to four Repeaters can be installed per Base Station, making the network more robust and allowing multiple paths for sensor nodes to transmit data to the analysis software.
  • Repeater is a standalone device on KCF Technologies’ wireless network and does not need to be on customer’s network.

For additional information about the SmartDiagnostics® version 3.0 hardware, please read the Base Station and Repeater PDF data sheets.

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