KCF Technologies well on its way to saving customers $250+ million in 2018

October 5, 2018

State College, PA —Oct. 5In 2018, KCF Technologies went all in on a bet that some would argue is a lost cause.

"We believe the future of American manufacturing is bright – very bright!" said company president Jeremy Frank. "We’re betting that the United States is the best market to launch an industrial revolution, and we’re dedicating our best people and best technologies to the cause."

Frank and his colleagues have built what they call the “magic industrial box” – a platform in which American factories, including automotive, oil and gas, paper and pulp, and chemical, receive, within 12 months, a $10 return on every dollar they invest.

"For generations, Americans led the way in work ethic, natural resources, creativity, and innovation," said Frank. "All we’re adding to the mix is 21st-century machine health data that allows industrial facilities to destroy downtime, eliminate waste, and optimize their machinery to levels that were never before possible."

Backed by years of government-sponsored research and a deep bench of Penn State engineering talent, KCF Tech has quickly skyrocketed to become one of America’s fastest-growing technology companies.

"Like any company we track sales and profitability," said Ben Lawrence, vice president at KCF Tech. "But we also track Return on Investment for our customers. The metric of which we’re most proud is our customers' savings. Year to date, we’ve saved American industry $202 million, which is already more than double what our customers saved in 2017 and nearly 80 percent of the way to what we set as our 2018 goal."

"Think about that," he continued. "$202 million that American companies, some who were on the brink of closure from global competition, can now reinvest into new equipment, new training, and new employees."

"We are grateful to Penn State for producing world-class talent; grateful to the U.S. government, especially the U.S. Military, for investing in R&D that we’re bringing to the market; and grateful to the leaders of American industry who are working with us to drive this new technology through their plants." 100 employees

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