Research and Development

Through over a decade of research and development programs, we have developed expertise in the technologies necessary to make things smart. Our research focus is developing new technologies and intellectual property that enable embedding intelligence into the things with which we all live and work every day.

Areas of focus


SmartDiagnostics wireless sensor condition monitoring system helps to check the vibrations of rotating machinery in a variety of industries, using software to search for possible anomalies in the vibration pattern to detect potential breaks before they happen.


KCF Technologies’ prosthetic devices are being used to monitor the heat and friction associated with prosthetics at key pressure points to make prosthetics more comfortable for veterans and other amputees.


The Smart Tether navigation system provides a GPS-enabled positioning system via a sensor embedded tether for ROVs and divers. The system helps those above water to know what’s happening below the surface.


Whether the task is abatement or converting and refining noise and vibration into productive sources of usable energy, our talented research engineers have continued to make creative strides in remarkably diverse technologies.

What is Smart?

To make something smart you must give it the ability to sense and process information from its environment, communicate its state and when appropriate take instructions, trigger or take action on its own or when commanded, and operate autonomously under its own power.

Our Research Mission and Objective

To create value for our customers, employees and the economy by making the things we work with smarter. We perform both government and internally funded research and technology development. Our objective is to bring all of our research efforts into a commercial outcome either directly or in collaboration with strategic partners.

Solving Real-World Problems Through Research.