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SmartDiagnostics® Industry Applications

SmartDiagnostics® solutions enable predictive maintenance practices to be implemented in any industry that utilizes rotating machinery.

Institutional HVAC/R

At colleges and condominiums, warehouses, movie theaters and medical facilities, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) plays a vital role in the comfort of tenants and customers, and is crucial to optimal production in private and public buildings alike. But can you hear what the critical rotary equipment in your HVAC/R system is trying to tell you about the health of its machinery? SmartDiagnostics® gives that equipment a voice!


  • Small maintenance staffs overseeing a large number of HVAC/R machines
  • Having to maintain HVAC/R equipment in multiple buildings
  • Machines that are not easily accessible

Oil & Gas

On America's 21st-century energy frontier as fracking unlocks vast quantities of natural gas deep underground, or in established on- and off-shore oilfields, profitable energy extraction depends on reliable rotating equipment with downtime and risk kept to a minimum. But can you hear the telltale voice of your rotating machinery signaling that service is needed now? SmartDiagnostics® transmits the urgent maintenance messages that you need to hear.


  • Avoiding downtime, which can be extremely costly
  • Equipment that works hard 24/7
  • Workers that are paid a premium
  • Very large penalties for interruptions, delays and downtime

Power Generation

The demand for and production of electricity in the U.S. are growing at nearly the same rate, but many ageing powerplants with critical equipment near the end of its life are hard-pressed to keep pace, and face new unprecedented challenges to profitability and performance. Have you given your machinery the voice it needs to tell you how to maximize uptime? SmartDiagnostics® can let you learn what it has to say.


  • The cost of monitoring ancillary, but still important, machines due to costs associated with monitoring
  • Some equipment that is difficult to monitor using more traditional methods

Pulp & Paper

Every step in pulp & paper involves efficient, continuous operation of many pieces of rotating machinery that can wear rapidly in sustained use in a demanding environment. If these machines fail, not only can they be costly to repair or replace, but they may well bring the plant to a standstill. Can you hear what the equipment in your facility is trying to tell you about its health? SmartDiagnostics® sends the message loud and clear.


  • Massive equipment and very large number of bearings
  • Small maintenance teams that are tasked with monitoring a large number of machines
  • Difficult to reach bearing points

Food & Beverage

A complex network of businesses from farmers to processors, distributors, and retailers, the food and beverage industry requires a substantial amount of rotating equipment to produce its top-quality products. If any of these machines were to fail, it could dramatically compromise the integrity of the food product, resulting in a loss of profit and taking valuable time to fix. Are you able to listen to what your machinery has to say about its status and prevent future losses from occurring? SmartDiagnostics can help you hear what your machine needs most.


  • The need for noise and vibration abatement to meet modern workplace standards and enhance productivity
  • Risks of lost or discarded product and air or water pollution if very narrow control parameters are not precisely achieved
  • The real risk of profit-crushing downtime if key machinery ― fans, compressors, pumps, chillers ― is not able to remain online 24/7




SmartDiagnostics® Gives Your Machines a Voice.