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SmartDiagnostics® gives your Food Processing Machines a Voice

Food and beverage producers rely on their machinery to produce appealing products that look, smell, and taste their best. As in any recipe, lots of different equipment must function properly to produce the desired result. But what happens if there is a break in machinery that could threaten the safety and taste of a company’s products?

How can SmartDiagnostics® help in the Food and Beverage Industry?

A warehouse was paying a consulting service to come visit their facility once a month to take on vibration data point per point of the compressor units. This method yielded inconsistent data resulting in unnecessary maintenance work done to the machinery. As a result of their inconsistent data collection, the warehouse acquired the SmartDiagnostics® Machine Condition Monitoring System, which enabled the warehouse to easily install sensors and monitor their compressors for several days each month. The system consisted of software, a Collection Server, two Primary Receiver Nodes and 15 total Vibration Sensor Nodes. The software allowed frequency bands to be created in order to isolate areas to track and the warehouse entered “warning” and “alarm” levels so they can now be informed of any increasing vibration levels. Compared to the two minute measurements of the consulting service, the warehouse is able to monitor their machines for 56 running hours per month so they get better diagnostic information and spend less time doing unnecessary maintenance.

Left:Vibration sensors monitoring a screw compressor in axial and verticle positions

Right: A screen capture of the data coming from a food and beverage plant showing increasing vibration levels and potential failure

“…preventive maintenance tools spot potential disturbances in critical production equipment before they turn into major headaches, allowing food and beverage plants to repair, rebuild or replace an asset on a schedule rather than facing an unplanned line shutdown.”Mikell Knights: “Proactive Maintenance Management,” November 8, 2013, Food Engineering

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  • The need for noise and vibration abatement to meet modern workplace standards and enhance productivity
  • Risks of lost or discarded product and air or water pollution if very narrow control parameters are not precisely achieved
  • The real risk of profit-crushing downtime if key machinery ― fans, compressors, pumps, chillers ― is not able to remain online 24/7

SmartDiagnostics® BENEFITS

  • Inexpensive and easy to install
  • Shows more data at a lower cost making machine health trends more apparent
  • Allows maintenance teams to more efficiently use their time and schedule maintenance activities
  • Real-time continuous remote monitoring




SmartDiagnostics® Gives Your Machines a Voice.