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SmartDiagnostics® gives your Institutional HVAC/R Machines a Voice

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) has a vital role in the comfort of tenants and customers, and is crucial to optimal production in commercial and public buildings alike. But can you hear what the rotary equipment in your HVAC/R system is trying to tell you about the health of its machinery?

How can SmartDiagnostics® help in the HVAC/R Industry?

The customer, a large university, uses both wireless continuous condition monitoring and walkaround systems to monitor the health of machines. A large ventilation fan in a building was part of the quarterly walkaround program, but failed unexpectedly between periodic measurements. A simple data-gathering solution was needed to provide continuous data after the fan was repaired, aligned and balanced, and to monitor more regularly to detect subsequent failures. SmartDiagnostics® was used to gather continuous data during the repair and run-up of the fan unit. Four sensors were installed in minutes and gathered data on the axial and radial positions of the inboard and outboard fan bearings, and the radial position on the motor. The wireless system was installed in minutes and enabled easy acquisition during a 3-hour test period. Further enabling the installation with Cloud-capability will make continuous data available to help detect future failures.

Left: The location of two SmartDiagnostics® vibration sensors in the axial and verticle positions on a bearing point on a commercial air handling unit.

Right: A screen capture of the data taken while powering up the repaired air handling unit.

“While routine maintenance checks are often completed as part of an HVAC service program, they don’t always identify problems that can lead to machine failure… Implementing a predictive maintenance plan can extend equipment life and improve a company’s bottom line.”John Kuchler: February 2008, Today’s Facility Manager

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  • Small maintenance staffs overseeing a large number of HVAC/R machines
  • Having to maintain HVAC/R equipment in multiple buildings
  • Machines that are not easily accessible

SmartDiagnostics® BENEFITS

  • Inexpensive and easy to install
  • Shows more data at a lower cost making machine health trends more apparent
  • Allows maintenance teams to more efficiently use their time and schedule maintenance activities
  • Reaches places more traditional monitoring methods can not
  • Real-time continuous remote monitoring




SmartDiagnostics® Gives Your Machines a Voice.