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SmartDiagnostics® gives your Oil & Gas Machines a Voice

On America's 21st-century energy frontier as fracking unlocks vast quantities of natural gas deep underground, or in established on- and off-shore oilfields, profitable energy extraction depends on reliable rotating equipment with downtime and risk kept to a minimum.

How can SmartDiagnostics® help in the Oil & Gas Industry?

Drilling of horizontal wells in unconventional gas creates extremely challenging operating conditions. Drilling depths are deeper and operational demands are increasingly demanding. The required equipment is prone to failure, and unexpected failures can cause shutdowns that are extremely expensive. Moreover, repeated mechanical problems can cause a lack of confidence in operators, resulting in lost work. SmartDiagnostics® wireless vibration and temperature sensors are deployed to track the condition of a variety of equipment on the well pad during drilling operations. The system automatically compares vibration levels to baseline and acceptable conditions, and identifies deviations from normal behavior that can lead to unexpected failures. Detection of high vibration on engines has led directly to predictive system repairs and major cost avoidance.

Left: KCF sensors on digester liquor pumps

Right: Early detection of a process disruption

“Just a 1% improvement in global pump performance would provide over a half-million additional barrels of oil per day – that’s $19 billion per year.”Apache

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  • Demanding conditions year-round at shale gas exploration and extraction sites
  • One-of-a-kind equipment layouts and challenges unique to each individual site
  • Difficulty of understaffed maintenance crews monitoring equipment spread over a large site

SmartDiagnostics® BENEFITS

  • Inexpensive and easy to install
  • Shows more data at a lower cost making machine health trends more apparent
  • Allows maintenance teams to more efficiently use their time and schedule maintenance activities
  • Reaches places more traditional monitoring methods can not
  • Real-time continuous remote monitoring


SmartDiagnostics® Gives Your Machines a Voice.