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SmartDiagnostics® gives your Power Generators a Voice

While the demand for, and production of, electricity are growing near the same rate, there are many aging power plants with critical equipment near the end of its life. Would you rather predict when maintenance is needed or wait for equipment to break down?

How can SmartDiagnostics® help in the Power Generation Industry?

A company that produces components for industry noticed that some of their valves would have occasional periods of unusual, high vibration. In an effort to better understand why these periods of high vibration were occurring, the company installed SmartDiagnostics┬« vibration sensors on some valves at a power plant. Since installation, SmartDiagnostics® has allowed the company to start analyzing vibration data to determine what processes may be occurring at the points of high vibration seen on their valves.

According to research conducted by the Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI), between a scheduled (preventive) maintenance strategy, a reactive maintenance strategy, and a predictive maintenance strategy, the predictive strategy is the least expensive costing only $9 per horsepower.

“Given the extremely high cost of an outage in lost energy sales, plus the high cost of replacement power purchases, the cost of a PdM program often is justified solely based on the expected plant reliability improvement.”Dr. Robert Peltier, PE: July 2011, Power

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  • The cost of monitoring ancillary, but still important, machines due to costs associated with monitoring
  • Equipment that is difficult to monitor using more traditional methods

SmartDiagnostics® BENEFITS

  • Small, wireless sensors to monitor hard to reach places
  • Inexpensive, making "balance of plant" monitoring more affordable
  • Power plant maintenance personnel can view data from anywhere they may be located




SmartDiagnostics® Gives Your Machines a Voice.