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Along with the standard hardware, there are a number of Accessories that could benefit an installation. Download the Accessories Data Sheet on the right of the screen for more details.



KCF’s line of SmartDiagnostics® accessories are designed to support machine health monitoring in a variety of challenging environments. We thrive in difficult installations; even if your application seems difficult or impossible, it’s likely that there is a SmartDiagnostics® solution that can work for you.


SmartDiagnostics® accessories are designed to work interchangeably with KCF’s standard line of sensors, receivers, and data collection and analysis hardware and software, making it easy to assemble a set of equipment that works perfectly for your installation right out of the box.


Every industrial operation in the world can benefit from vibration monitoring and predictive maintenance. The SmartDiagnostics® line of products and accessories allows you to establish and expand your machine health monitoring program to whatever scale fits your operation.

  • Full range of accessories to ensure SmartDiagnostics® works optimally in a diverse range of applications
  • Solutions for challenging industries and environments
  • Flexible installation configurations

The SmartDiagnostics® Network

Accessories role in Smart Diagnostics Network

Thermal Isolation Mount (SD-TMOUNT)

The Thermal Isolation Mount allows SmartDiagnostics® sensors to be used on machines with extreme surface temperatures by safely isolating the sensor from the hot surface while still providing a rigid attachment for positive mechanical coupling and accurate vibration measurement.

Weight1.5 oz (42 g)
Operating TemperatureSurface temperatures up to 400°F (205°C)
(Dependent on ambient air temperature and airflow)
Mounting¼"-28 female thread for stud mounting
TMOUNT Picture

Thermal Isolation Mount Angled View

TMOUNT Mechnical Drawing

Thermal Isolation Mount Mechanical Drawing

Right Angle Magnet Mount (SD-RMOUNT)

The Right Angle Mount provides a solution to difficult mounting situations. Applicable to any ferromagnetic structure, the Right Angle Mount allows a SmartDiagnostics® sensor to be aligned with any axis of interest, even if a mounting face perpendicular to that axis is not available or practical to use.

Weight9.3 oz (263 g)
Material6061 Aluminum
MountingMagnetic base with up to 100 lbs pull force
RMOUNT Picture

Right Angle Magnet Mount Angled View

RMOUNT Mechnical Drawing

Right Angle Magnet Mount Mechanical Drawing

Weld Mount (SD-WMOUNT)

The Weld Mount is welded to a host machine to allow stud-mounting a SmartDiagnostics® sensor without needing to drill and tap into the machine. The Weld Mount is particularly useful in high-temperature or extreme vibration applications, or mobile applications where flying debris may knock off a magnet-mounted sensor.

Weight1.6 oz (46 g)
MaterialStainless Steel
MountingFillet weld to host machine
¼"-28 female thread for stud mounting
WMOUNT Picture

Weld Mount Angled View

WMOUNT Mechnical Drawing

Weld Mount Mechanical Drawing

Federal Communications Commission Compliance ? FCC Class B Device Statement The radio equipment in the SmartDiagnostics® Receiver Nodes and SmartDiagnostics® Sensor Nodes has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Hazardous Location Information ? The SmartDiagnostics® Vibration Sensor Node model SD-VSN-2N is certified to be suitable for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D or non-hazardous locations only.

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