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SmartDiagnostics® in the Cloud

SmartDiagnostics® in The Cloud delivers sophisticated, high-value sensor monitoring to your company ― easy-to-use, affordable and precision-configured to meet your needs.

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SmartDiagnostics® in the Cloud delivers our system as a service capable of implementation by customers with minimal training and expertise. A suite of powerful servers, receivers, and sensors are pre-configured to your exact needs, and accessible via browser from anywhere. To turn the raw sensor data into vital predictive maintenance information, you need only place sensors on your machines, follow a simple process to associate sensors with their machines, and set warning and alarm levels. All business application logic and long-term data storage are supplied by subscription from SmartDiagnostics® servers in the Cloud, which require no installation or service from the customer whatsoever.

“Cloud technology enables SmartDiagnostics® to utilize the Internet and its ready, high-speed flow of inexpensive data to provide industry with an affordable and convenient option for predictive maintenance programs now and into the future.”Jacob Loverich, Chief Technology Officer, KCF Technologies

SmartDiagnostics® Gives Your Machines a Voice.