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Machine Condition Monitoring Software (SD-Soft)

SmartDiagnostics® Machine Condition Monitoring Software (MCM) displays near-continuous information on the health of critical equipment by tracking their vibration characteristics.

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Powerful and Simple

MCM software features a drag-and-drop interface that allows easy configuration of frequency monitoring bands and failure warning and alert levels. All are complemented with easy-to-read graphs, showing peak vibration level trends and frequency spectra, providing all the data you need to make smart, predictive maintenance decisions.

The SmartDiagnostics® family of innovative wireless sensors is the tool you need to implement advanced predictive maintenance processes for your company. SmartDiagnostics® combines high-fidelity machine analysis with low operational cost and simple installation. In many industrial applications, preventing a single failure through proactive problem detection can justify the cost of an entire wireless sensor system.

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Simply put, an unmonitored machine is more likely to break down. When machines break down, not only do they cost money to fix, they extend losses into the future. SmartDiagnostics® can predict failure before it occurs so fixes can occur before crises do.


Machines can apper to be functioning normally even when internal problems exist. If not caught early, this often leads to poor quality products, large material losses, rework costs, and warranty returns by unsatisfied customers. SmartDiagnostics® is highly sensitive, capable of monitoring at multiple frequencies and noticing even the slightest deviations in machinery health.


Many companies ensure proper machine conditions by evaluating them according to predetermined schedules. As a result, machines are often stopped unnecessarily to replace parts having significant remaining operational life. SmartDiagnostics® software can help ensure that machines are replaced or repaired only when necessary.


SmartDiagnostics® software features intuitive navigation and powerful configuration templates that make it very easy to learn and use. Everything is designed with the goal of simplifying the user experience and making it easy to get from one screen to another, allowing a new user to quickly become an expert.


KCF’s software uses a multi-tiered hierarchy structure that easily accommodates installations with thousands of measurement points. Navigation through the system is quick and easy, and expanding an existing system to include new monitoring points is simple and straightforward.


SmartDiagnostics® has an open interface to allow data to be passed to a wide range of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software for maintenance and reliability programs. Support is built in for industry standard communication protocols like OPC and ODBC, with custom interfaces available for software packages such as SAP, IBM Maximo, and Oracle Enterprise Asset Management.


  • Continuous monitoring of machine health
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Time series and frequency spectrum analysis
  • Powerful alarm and notification capabilities
  • Valuable features for both expert and novice users
Cloud Version (SD-Soft-Standard)
DescriptionWeb-based application, allowing viewing of data by authorized users from any internet-enabled computer. Data is collected by SmartDiagnostics® Base Stations and uploaded continuously to a secure web server.
Supported Web Browsers
  • Google Chrome (recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Micrsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11
On-Premises Version (SD-Soft-Local)
DescriptionLocally-hosted application on an individual customer PC, allowing viewing of data on that computer only. Data is collected by a Base Station connected to the local computer and stored directly on that machine.
Operating SystemWindows 7 or newer
Minimum Requirements
  • 2.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • 8 GB (32-Bit) or 16 GB (64-Bit) RAM
  • 50 GB of available hard drive space (1 TB recommended)
    Consult KCF based on system size and sampling requirements
Features and Capabilities
System ConfigurationFully customizable system setup with multi-level hierarchy ideally suited for both small diagnostic kits and large, multi-facility installations.
User AccessSelective permission levels for users and administrators allowing varying degrees of access and control.
Sensor ControlFull control of sensor functions including sampling rate, collection frequency, averaging, and site survey mode.
Data StorageStorage of every complete time series data set collected from a sensor node. Data is consolidated in an intelligent database structure that is seamless to the user, allowing instant access to any data that has been collected since system startup.
Data Analysis
  • Trending of advanced user-specified health indicators
  • Viewing of individual time series or spectrum data points
  • Multiple data views including customizable system maps and trend charts
  • Intelligent single-point or time-averaged baselining
Alarms and Notifications
  • On-screen health icons with warnings and alarms for exceedances
  • Email and/or SMS (text message) notifications of warnings and alarms
Vibration Indicators
  • Peak and RMS Acceleration and Velocity
  • Acceleration and Velocity within a Frequency Band
  • Damage Accumulation
  • Crest Factor
  • Kurtosis
  • Skewness
  • Spectrum Overall
Additional Indicators
  • Temperature
  • Internal Battery Voltage
  • Pressure
  • Statistics (of other Indicators)
  • Mathematical Equations (using Indicators as variables)
  • Signal Strength

Federal Communications Commission Compliance ‒ FCC Class B Device Statement The radio equipment in the SmartDiagnostics® Receiver Nodes and SmartDiagnostics® Sensor Nodes has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Hazardous Location Information ‒ The SmartDiagnostics® Vibration Sensor Node model SD-VSN-2N is certified to be suitable for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D or non-hazardous locations only.

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