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Smart Tether for Divers

The DiverNav system offers unmatched real-time GPS location of tethered divers, in a system that is quick to deploy and easy to use. In addition to determining the location of the diver, the systems also provide live plots of the tether's shape in the water; improving overall situational awareness and safety.

Key Features

Scan Tools

When using a handheld sonar device or a camera for surveying, the field of view using the Smart Tether diver systems is adjustable and the area scanned is recordable. These features allow confidence and efficiency in completeing the job. This is especially beneficial in surveying a set area or are conducting salvage type missions.


Creating waypoints with the Smart Tether diver systems helps in establishing survey areas. The ability to mark off particular objects for review or removal during the scanning process allows streamlining of efforts.

Data Output

All DiverNav positioning data can be exported to different hardware or software via serial connection, either through a physical port or a third party virtual port software. Data is exported as a NMEA GPGGA string.

Base Maps

This feature allows a nautical chart or other image to be placed in the background of the Smart Tether diver systems window, making it possible to continually geo-reference the divers position and tether shape in real time.

Update Rate and Markers

  • Update Rate Up to 30Hz
  • Numerous marker icons
  • Individually edit or delete markers


  • .kml file for Google Earth interaction
  • .csv file for advanced data post-processing


Diver and tether awareness will provide more confidence in making sure all aspects of your mission are safe.

“Smart Tether gives you a very high degree of confidence that you’ve searched an area, and there is nothing in that area.”Craig Thorngren, Retired Coast Guard Chief, Owner of Submerged Recovery and Inspection Services


A Revolution in Underwater Navigation.